First Appearance: Bounty

Ramon Pablo Gutierrez is a native of the Inglewood section of Los Angeles, California. He currently serves as a homicide detective in the Baltimore Police Department's Seventh Precinct. His older sister Juanita Gutierrez serves as the city's Chief Medical Examiner.

Ramon is engaged to longtime boyfriend Jorge Santos, also from Inglewood.

While Ramon is nowhere near as experienced as Jill, and his demeanor is far more affable, he makes up for that with a keen attention to detail and being loyal almost to a fault. He considers Jill his best friend -- the most important person in his life, outside of his fiance and sister -- and he assumes the unofficial mantle of sidekick once he learns Jill's secret.

Unofficial because Ramon will be damned if he puts on tights and takes up a code name.

He also acts as a voice of reason for Jill, doing the best he can to make sure her own determination and refusal to give up doesn't get her into trouble.

Ramon has an unhealthy addiction to Chinese food, and he descends from a family based in southern Chile; his parents immigrated from Chile to California a year before Ramon was born. His conservative family took years to accept his homosexuality, and even longer to warm up to Jorge, but as the wedding approaches, many of Ramon's relatives are desperate to get to the United States in order to attend the nuptials.

Ramon decided to become a cop after an incident he witnessed when he was 13. He had seen a friend of his killed in a drive-by shooting, an innocent victim of a gang war none of them had anything to do with. But when Ramon spoke to police in charge of the investigation, he noticed they were paying him little mind. It didn't matter that Ramon had caught the license plate number of the car, or that he had gotten a look at the driver's face... the police never took any notes, never followed up, and simply shrugged their shoulders over what they called "random gang violence."

Ramon decided he could do better.

After graduating from UCLA, Ramon spent a year and a half as a uniformed officer with the Los Angeles Police Department before taking -- and passing -- the Detective's Exam. Though the LAPD had no detective openings at that point, word spread that Baltimore was in need of several detectives -- so Ramon, along with Juanita and Jorge, moved east.

Having his sister and fiance with him made the transition easier for Ramon, although he struggled with assimilating to the city of Baltimore's intricacies -- not to mention the sight of dead bodies. For the first year of his Homicide career, Ramon often became ill at crime scenes. It got to the point where it was a running gag within the Seventh Precinct, something Ramon had to deal with even after he had stopped vomiting at crime scenes.

Because of his demeanor and his relative youth, outsiders often underestimate Ramon. Whereas his partner has a built-in reputation based, in part, on her father, Ramon often finds himself trying to carve a niche for himself within the BPD. Because of his loyalty and his attention to detail, Ramon has proven more than worthy of his badge -- not to mention the friendship of those with whom he serves.