First Appearance: Bounty

Jill Michelle Andersen was born Nov. 23, 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland to Paul and Janice Andersen. She is the older sister of Brian Andersen -- who currently serves as Baltimore's Assistant District Attorney.

Jill is a homicide detective with the Baltimore Police Department's Seventh Precinct, which encompasses downtown Baltimore. She has served in that capacity for three years when the events of Bounty unfold; prior to becoming a cop, Jill had enlisted in the United States Army out of high school and wound up serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In addition, Jill moonlights as the costumed vigilante Bounty. Some in the city consider Bounty little more than urban legend; others champion her cause of keeping Baltimore safe. Others still view Bounty as a menace, no better than the common criminals and corrupt individuals she spars against. But for Jill, the mantle of Bounty is a response to how much her hometown has crumbled over the years; more often than not, the work she does with her badge isn't enough.

After all, Baltimore has seen such a spike in murders, drug arrests, and organized crime that the police -- the ones who actually do their jobs -- are overwhelmed. Those on various under-the-table payrolls are predictably of little help. In Jill's mind, if she doesn't do something, then who will?

As a child, Jill idolized Paul. As early as nine years old, she decided she wanted to follow in his footsteps -- much to Janice's chagrin. Jill would often stay up past her bedtime when Paul worked a late shift, unable to go to sleep until he came home to regale her with tales of his conquests over evil. While Brian buried his nose in comic books and liked his heroes in colorful spandex and capes, Jill preferred to worship the hero they had at home.

But when Jill was in high school, Paul was arrested for a trio of brutal murders. The physical and circumstantial evidence was so damning that Paul was convicted of the murders, branded a serial killer, and sentenced to death.

Shortly after Paul's sentencing, Janice committed suicide. This coincided with Jill graduating from high school, and by that point, she decided to bypass college altogether and enlist in the Army. Once Jill made it through Boot Camp, she received her first set of orders -- sending her to Iraq. The night Jill received her orders, Brian was involved in a car accident, one that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Jill never did talk to her brother before leaving the country, which became a point of contention between them for years.

While serving in the Army, Jill met Dr. Trent Roberts -- an internationally renowned scientist who spearheaded Project Fusion, the self-proclaimed next step in human cybernetics. Dr. Roberts had spent the past decade trying to secure funding and government support for his project, and the United States -- in the midst of two wars -- agreed per decision of the Department of Defense. As part of that decision, the DoD agreed to allow any enlisted soldier who wished to volunteer for the invasive procedure to do so.

Despite the protests of Joel Freeman, Jill's commanding officer, she volunteered.

Becoming the first person to ever survive the procedure, Jill served the remainder of her time with the Army before returning to Baltimore and passing through the Police Academy with ease. Her physical scores became the stuff of legends; Jill had always been in shape, even playing high school soccer, but her Project Fusion enhancements gave her a decided advantage.

Thanks to Dr. Roberts, Jill now exhibits enhanced strength, speed, and stamina, as well as accelerated healing, a titanium-reinforced skeleton, and a supercomputer embedded in her brain that connects to her left infrared eye. The left side of her face is covered in a silver eyeplate whenever it's not covered in a skin graft Freeman gave to her when she left the Army. Her costume consists of a black leather bodysuit laid out over mesh armor, black leather gloves, black combat boots, and a katana handed down to her from her father and grandfather. Jill wears black lipstick when dressed as Bounty, and whereas she wears her brown hair in a ponytail at the precinct, she wears it down as the vigilante.

Once Jill made Detective, she was assigned to the Seventh Precinct, where she reunited with Captain Daniel Richards -- who was once Paul's partner and acted as a surrogate father for Jill. For the first year and half, Jill worked Homicide without a partner -- before ultimately being paired up with new recruit Ramon Gutierrez. The two formed an instant bond, becoming fast friends -- to the point where Ramon became the first person with whom Jill trusted her secret.

Armed with her enhancements -- and a fierce determination to keep her hometown safe -- Jill somehow balances her life as a cop and a costumed vigilante. Whether interrogating a murder suspect, disrupting a cocaine shipment coming in through the Inner Harbor, staring down shady billionaire David Gregor, or trying to prove her father's innocence, Jill is proving to be just the hero Baltimore needs -- whether it realizes it or not.